with Martin Landau at The Actors Studio

on the set of  C = C

with Eric Morris

Isaac in C = C

on the set of Amazing! Amazing! with Troy Daniel Smith, Laura Roland, and James Roland

Down In New Orleans

Nathan, Gabi, Alex, Ed

Down In New Orleans

Ronnie, Ed, Cory

Down In New Orleans

Ronnie inspecting his SFX work on Ed

Heaven’s Devils as ‘Poor Man Dan’


The Cast of the Thanksgiving episode


Romeo & Juliet

as Friar Lawrence

on the set of Poncho Villa

Anthony, Ed and Eric in The King’s Dream

with Allan Miller at The Actors Studio

Hurlyburly - reversed roles, with Kelsey Linden

as Karna, on the set of  Neshima


as Andre Parks in “The Lookout” with Mark Slater

with “String” Director Lei Tao

on the set of “String” with Director Lei Tao

on the set of “String” with Director Lei Tao

“String” with Myrsedyes Pangburn

on the set of “Charlie & Wendy”

with Elana Saurel, Matt Watkins, Chris Bostrom

with Chris Pennock in The Dresser

at The Actors Studio

on the set of “Criminal Minds”

with Matthew Gray Gubler and Jody Carter

with Producer Philippe Brenninkmeyer and Director Patrik Bergh on the set of The Music Box

on the set of “God Winks at El Paso”

with Sylvester Makai and Ari Savar

“We’re Alive” - cast, writers, producers